Please note that some interruptions of the data acquisition happened in the past, expecially in year 2003. Straight lines between dates indicate missing data. No warranty is given on the published information.
Data recording started August, 1999.
Windchill and rain started in June 2005.
Total Daily Rain started in December 2005.
Solar Radiation started in March 2013

Last June 16, 2005 the temperature/humidity sensor has been moved from its original location and it is now enclosed in a radiation shield to avoid that direct sunlight give wrong values. Barometric lecture has been reduced to sea level in order to be coherent with other stations. The rain collector readings starded the 27th of June, 2005. Please keep this in mind when comparing values with older data.

This station has joined the Centro Meteorologico Lombardo official network, Research Center for the Lombardia region area weather monitoring.

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