06-01-2019Wind speed and direction sensors have been reloacated to the original position where they are better exposed to wind stream (same position as before 05-23-2015)
05-23-2015Sensors have been moved in a different location where manintenance operations are easier to be done.
06-01-2014The webcam has been changed. The last-hour-video format hasb been changed from Flash to MP4 (works on Apple iPhone and iPad too)
03-03-2013 Yesterday I changed the old Davis Monitor II station with a more recent Davis Vantage Pro II. Installation and setup has been made by CML staff and it has been configured following their quality standards.
Temporarily Cerro data are available via CML only and soon they will be back on this website. At the beginning data will be shown in the CML format, until data will be back more precise and with some new info, such as solar radiation. I apologize for the inconvenience, I'll need some time to rewrite all the custom software for the new station.
08-01-2012Added a simplified page for smartphones and touchscreen
02-01-2012Published a completely restyled website with some improvements
11-17-2011Added local wind forecasts in links page
11-17-2011Added local wind forecasts in links page
11-09-2011This website has reached 500,000 accesses to the meteo page
11-06-2011In links page some links have been updated
02-23-2011This website has reached 400,000 accesses to the meteo page
11-14-2010Moon phase added
08-22-2010due to technical problems meteo information from August 8th to 21st, 2010 are missing. Sorry for the inconvenience
06-18-2010The format of the "Last-hour" video is now changed from Apple QuickTime to Shockwave Flash as this plug-in is installed on almost all systems
03-30-2010This website has reached 300,000 accesses to the meteo page
09-29-2009This website has reached 250,000 accesses to the meteo page, correspondin to about 10,000 accesses per month
04-17-2009I have reached 200,000 accesses to the main page of this site. This means you appreciate it, and I feel very proud.
03-23-2009Fixed a compatibility problem in Yearly & Monthly data pages with browsers other than IE
02-15-2009Local forecasts from "Il Meteo" have been added; improved compatibility for Google Chrome browser
09-19-2008We reached 150,000 accesses to the main page of this site corresponding to a little less than 250 daily accesses.
06-09-2008The website has been restyled
02-24-2008We reached 100,000 accesses to the main page of this site!
01-26-2008Due to a technical problem, the last-hour video is not working. I apologize for the inconvenience.
04-17-2007Google advertisement banner has been added
04-17-2007Added total daily rain charts
04-14-2007The site has been moved to
04-05-2007THANK YOU AGAIN!!! This page has been visited over 50,000 times!
12-11-2006Due to technical problems, 8th to 10th of december 2006 rain values are incorrect. Sorry for the inconvenience.
08-29-2006Monthly and Yearly charts added for Daily Rain (data available since December 2005).
14-08-2006New pages added for retrieving yearly and monthly archive data although some periods are missing.
14-08-2006Website restyling started. Please report any problem or consideration using the polling page or the module at the bottom of this page. Thank you.
07-27-2006Clicking the webcam image you can now see the last hour video. You need Apple Quicktime installed on your computer.
07-26-2006THANK YOU!!! This page has been visited over 20,000 times in one year.
06-26-2006It is now possible to open the charts in full size clicking on the images. But the new window is not automatically updated every 30 seconds.
04-11-2006Rain rate chart has been changed from mm per minute to mm per hour, and it is more easily readable. The value is calculated over 30 minute periods. Moreover, Wind Chill charts has been added.

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